Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

Executive Board

Steve Beranek- President

Utopia Hill- Vice President

Glen Steiner- Treasurer

Lori Janes- Secretary


Board Members

Andre Ashford

Karl Bechtoldt

Steve Fox

Frank Hasman

Dennis Kitchen

Kimberly Lightford

Bill Gorey

Rich Montalbano

Michelle Muhammad

Paul Paolini

Mike Rizzo

Michael Somone

Frank Sagiaxomo

Sandy Sassano

Rita Steiskal

Dave Surico

Nino Turi

William Whitfield

Ken Yoshitani

Jennifer Zerbe


Board of Governors:

Matt Alex

Jim Bone

Thomas Daniels

John Dvorak

Mark Leutkehans

Jim Miller

Bruce Pavlik


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commented 2017-01-28 12:34:33 -0600 · Flag
My son is 13, he has autism and is a member of the Special Olympics Basketball, Swim and Soccer team.

He attends St. Domitilla in Hillside, they all have autism and won in the Tournament, they will be playing downstate March 17-19.

Can they come there to play basketball? It’s too cold to be outside at Memorial.
commented 2016-06-03 16:11:00 -0500 · Flag
Hi there! My name is Stephanie Mondragon and I am just one of many seniors who will be graduating tonight from Glenbard South High School. I am the Vice President of my senior class and I as well as the rest of the student council members and the class of 2016 have collectively decided that we donate the funds we have been collecting for over 4 years to this wonderful program. We would greatly appreciate and be honored to have an executive board member come to our school to receive our donation. Please feel free to email me with times and dates that will work for you in the upcoming week. Thanks again!